Monday, April 11, 2011

Fancy This Fuchsia

I'm such a fan of pink ANYTHING so I was hoping Orly's Fancy Fuchsia wasn't close to something I already owned. Thankfully it really wasn't. This is my new favorite Spring pre-summer color! A few weeks back I decided to experiment on my sister-in-law since I haven't had a chance to use my crackles. I did a BC and one thick coat of Fancy Fuchsia. I then did a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward and one coat of China Glaze Crushed Candy. I sealed it with another coat of Fast Forward. It turned out pretty good even though she had pretty dainty nails. 

A few days later I did a BC and three coats of Fancy Fuchsia, it could have been two, but since it's a neon it dried really quickly. I then stamped the image from m73 with Color Club's Fashion Addict. 

The image and stamping execution were a miserable fail, it was just too large for my fingernails. The color still drops my jaw~