Friday, April 29, 2011

The DiRtY 30 Mani~

In one of my recent posts I alluded to the honey's surprise birthday party, boy was that an event to plan! It's pretty hard to tell 60 people a *secret* and expect them to remember to keep it for a few weeks. Grandma almost blew it but I can say with confidence that my babe was truly surprised - hooray! I decided that Wet N' Wild's Party of Five Glitter was in order for this event, but wanted to do something a bit different. I've seen many ladies use this glitter over white or black so I thought "White AND black, yes...". Here 'tis, a moon mani.

I did a BC and two coats Love My Nails in White then used a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. I then used Orly's rounded french tip guides and did one coat of Orly Goth, a black with silver micro glitter on top to create the moon effect. I then used one thick coat of Party of Five and topped it off with a final coat of Fast Forward.

My Mom also helped me make these yummy sprite cupcakes for the party! This recipe is great because it uses soda instead of oil and eggs.

I hope my honey's party was the best for him yet! Happy weekend~


  1. Great mani. I like the colour combo.

    Those cupcakes look yummy. I have never heard of using soda to make a cake. I'll have to try that, some day.

    You and your sweetie are such a cute couple.

  2. I would eat those cupcakes in a minute *lol*

  3. Love the mani! I have Party of Five Glitters, but haven't tried it yet. The cupcakes look awesome! And what a cute pic of you guys! :)

  4. Ice Queen ~ Thanks luv! I hadn't either, they were really moist and oh so yummy.

    Biba ~ They went quick!

    Peach ~ =D Thanks, you're sweet!

  5. So cute! You look so happy together, the cupcakes make me hungry!! :D

  6. That's a very pretty sparkly mani!
    It was so sweet you planned a surprise party for your darling, I bet he had a great time :)

  7. Iris ~ Thank you! They were really tasty for sure, super sweet though.

    Cel ~ Aww appreciate it ;)