Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Xtra Late St. Pat's Mani

I love me some St. Paddy's Day! This was the mani I sham"rocked"through the holiday. It actually lasted six days. I used a BC and two coats of Milani Hi-tech. I know some bloggers have said they aren't too happy with the holo, but I thought this was completely eye-catching. I didn't use a topcoat for this one and couldn't really tell the difference. I was going to do a third green mani that night, but me and my babe thought Irish Car Bombs were more important =p.

I also tried my hand at a Bailey's cupcake recipe I came across here. I like to bake, but this was a little more from scratch than I'm used to. I thought they turned out delicious, and so did everyone at work hooray! 

The cake was pretty dense and rich, my great friend writes a blog about her cooking adventures ~ TinkyKitchKook ~ and suggested I use sour cream to lighten it up. I'll have to try that next time around. Did you indulge in any Irish fare?


  1. I like this. I do have this color also. Sometimes a low level holo is what I'm looking for and the Milani's go on smooth and are very reasonably priced. :)

  2. Lacquer ~ It helped that I had direct sunlight most of the days that I wore it, even thought I had to order from Cherry Culture it was worth it

    Thanks Nail Crazy!

    ShortAndSweet ~ You're correct, thank you!

  3. baileys?! in a CAKE?! literally sounds like my idea of heaven!!! phwoar this holo looks great! i wish we could get hold of some in the UK :/ we tend to get the polish trends months after you guys!

  4. LOVE the mani! I'm loving holos! And the cupcakes look awesome! Good work!

  5. Hi, Freshie! This post reminds me that I haven't used a lot of my holo or glitter polishes. It's summer now here in the Philippines and this mani would really look great! :)

    That cupcake looks delicious! I don't know how to bake so I really envy those that can.

  6. LemonyEmily ~ <3 your name, they were pretty delicious you should try the recipe. Let me know if you ever want to do a swap!

    Peach ~ Thanks doll, I can't stay away from any holos or cupcakes for that matter ;)

    Rins ~ Yay for summer, I'm jealous it's been a cold spring here. It was a lot easier than it looked.

  7. i definitely will, its like my two favourite things combined - and when you throw drinking into the mix because of st patricks day, im giddy haha! The same goes for you honey, we have some great brands over here, just different to yours :) if you ever want anything at all just holla at me! :D

    and i love anything and everything Lemony, hence the names haha :D


  8. i want the cup cake! looks so yummy!!
    btw i received your package :D!
    thank you :*

  9. The mani is awesome and I LOVVVVE IRISH CAR BOMBS! Woot!

  10. Lemony ~ I'm totally down. I'll email you soon so we can coordinate, yay!

    Chell ~ They were very tasty, glad you got your prize!

    JQ ~ Heck yes! We were separated at birth right ;)?

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