Saturday, March 12, 2011

Starry Spring

Spring is almost here, and for us Coloradoans, that means random snow storms *sigh*. BUT the bright side is we get some great sunny days mixed in and awesome pastel polishes! I decided I'd try China Glaze's Pelican Gray from the Anchors Away collection. I used a BC and two coats. This is a pale gray shimmer that I would wear by itself, super nice. I've wanted to glitterfy a mani with a stunning polish Cosmetic Cupcake sent me in our swap from her Hong Kong trip. The brand is neeDme, color 20. In the bottle it looks very opaque with metallic silver micro glitter and small multicolored hex glitters mixed in. 

It was a little thinner than I had thought, but one coat looked great over Pelican Gray. I then stamped the sparkle images from plate m14 and Sinful Let's Talk and covered it with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. I wore this for 5 days I was so pleased with the finished product. 


  1. ooo pretty! i love this so much xx


  2. blue <3<3!
    the nail design very pretty

  3. eeep!
    This mani is the prettiest and dreamiest of them all.
    And by all I mean all I can do!
    I'm sooo jealous of your creativity skills!

  4. This is icy cute.:D

    I hope you are having a great weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Thanks girls, I really liked this mani!

    Ria ~ You're too sweet! I usually have two manis I dislike and then one I do so it's hit or miss =D

    Thank you Marie ~ You Too!

  6. I think this is SO PRETTY!. Love the variety of the "stars" and colorful glitter.

  7. Very pretty! Pelican Grey is on my wish list... I really want it!

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) I'm so glad I know about your blog now, it is awesome! I'm a new follower...and I've added you to my blog roll! :) Love the Pelican Gray! I need to get this one soon!

  9. Yay thank you Lacquer! I really like this as a TC

    Thanks Katrina~

    Tasha, it's my favorite gray

    You're sweet Natalie, thank you!!

  10. lOVE IT! I thought about buying pelican bay but it didnt wow me but after seeing your mani I want it lol.. I love China Glaze FF top coat I got a free from victorias nail supply and I gave it a try and it really makes manis last!

  11. Shadow ~ Pelican rocks! I thought gray would be boring but the shimmer is super flattering.