Monday, March 28, 2011

My Cotton Candy Mani

I've seen chevron tip guides on Transdesign by Orly, but they are always out of stock. I didn't realize how rare chevron guides really were until I saw the only place I could buy them was ebay. I found a seller with a lot of old school Sally Hansen guides and bought multiple sheets. I used a BC and three coats of Pure Ice Heart Breaker. This is a very sheer blue/teal shimmer. I used then a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. I put the guides on one by one and used one thick coat of Jane's Candy Hearts.

This is probably the oldest polish I own as they don't even sell this brand of makeup anymore, at least 14 years. It's a darker fuchsia cream. I then did another coat of Fast Forward. This mani reminded me of cotton candy since it's sold in both of these colors. There was some mad shrinkage, I'm thinking due to the age. The guides were easy to use and inexpensive, all in all a great buy!


  1. Could do the same effect by cutting out scotch tape in the shape of the chevron tips, I think?

  2. Great idea by Beej.
    I love the colour you used for this mani xx

  3. This is definitely SWEET looking. :)

  4. I still have some of my Sally Hansen chevron tip guides from waaaaay back when!

  5. Beej that's a good idea, but I can't usually keep things very straight =)

    Thanks Nicole!

    Thank you Iris~

    Lacquer, thanks! ;)

    ABOP ~ They are def. old school, but worked great!!