Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sparkle-licious for a Bachelorette Bash

Not sure how many of you in the U.S. had Monday off, but it was a nice three-day weekend for me =D. The hubby always has Mondays off so it's a treat to spend the day together. I went to a bachelorette party last weekend and knew I would need something bright and glitter-ridiculous. I started with a BC and one coat of Essence Underwater. This is a metallic deep blue and a great accent for the sparse blue glitters in OPI's Sparkle-licious. I then added three coats of Sparkle-licious which has a ton of gold, some pink and blue glitter. It's always easier to remove glitter with a solid coat or two underneath. I then thought I'd take a shot at using some scotch tape to create tips since Erika from Chloe's Nail Blog always does a fantastical job using scotch tape! I need some practice! I used one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward before I added the tape and used Underwater to create the tips, but it was too thick and bled pretty easily.

Next time I will use a different base color than the tips. These little mamas still got noticed, especially when we were in a low-lit night club. This was stinky to remove for sure and took some soaking. Love this polish and how dense the glitter was. I have yet to use the foil method for glitter removal, you?


  1. great blue nail polish and love what u did with the glitter too. simple but really cool.

  2. I like this combination, fresh yet dramatic!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I used the foil method a couple weeks ago and it worked amazingly (not sure if that's a word...hehe) should definitely use it for glitter polish.