Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Mess of Mermaids

Thank you all for your kinds words on my 100th post! This is why I continue to blog~ I previously nabbed the gorgeous pale green shimmer Nina Ultra Pro in Mermaid on sale at Sally's, I knew it had to go with the konad mermaid image on plate m34. I got this plate off eBay and it's a fake (well shit). The polish is uber sheer and I had to use four coats to get any sort of coverage. It also looks a little more yellow on the nail compared to the whisper mint green in the bottle.

I then stamped the mermaid image from the plate with special konad black polish, too bad I didn't wait for it to try and created a literal mess of mermaids. These were too adorable until my Godzilla brush from China Glaze Fast Forward and *hand* mutilated them. Guess I'll have to try this image again soon!


  1. "Damn you special black polish and your streaking abilities!" I've tried everything from waiting a full 15 minutes and even dunking my hand in ice water for a 15 secs to prevent streaks. I find the lightest touch and a good amount of TC will get you pretty good results. PS the base color is gorgeous.

  2. The mermaids are cool even if it isn't perfect! I love that polish color too.

  3. I am so bad at konading... that happens to me 75% of the time but it still looks good!

  4. aww, too bad about the smudging :( I like the polish and the image though.

    When i use konad special polish in black to stamp, i don't normally add a topcoat because I don't want it to smudge lol its so thick it stays on and with some cuticle oil on top it looks shiny, not matte.

  5. I dig the base color/mermaid combo! I've never used the Konad black before though, so good to know about the streaking problem.

    Also, I tagged you for a blog award:

  6. I like the mermaid image! I only have a fairy. :P As for the smudging, I do get that a lot whenever I use the black Konad special polish. But I found using Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat works well with very minimum smudges over light brushed coat. :)

  7. i love the image <3!..i have streaking problems with black Konad =-/ so now i never top coat those images with black Konad, plus i do a new mani every 2 days anyway so i don't suppose it matters to much lol

  8. this is a really cute mani....i'm sorry about the streakin... don't u hate it when that happens? especially when you spend time on a double stamped manicure..and then suddenly..boosh all smeared. argh!

  9. awwww, sorry about your mani. konad black can be challenge to work with.

  10. Beata ~ only the second time I've used the special black and I didn't realize it was such a beyotch! Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks Satrdust! I thought the image was nice and unique~

    Thank you Jeanelle ~ I don't seem to be getting much better =D

    I never thought of that Danielle!

    So sweet, thank you Melacine!

    Rins ~ I want a fairy! I haven't tried that TC, I might just take your advice!

    Sarah ~ I have to restrain myself from doing a mani sooner than four or so days, I appreciate the tip!

    ShortWide ~ Ugh I know! It's so time consuming and then RUINED boo...

    Enamil Girl ~ Thank you, sigh, I guess I will have to play around with it or just find a better black to stamp with.

  11. i love the mermaid stamps on the nails pretty!

  12. Ugh, that's awful when your topcoat ruins your mani! I do like this a lot though.

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