Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Mani That Rang In 2011

Did everyone have an awesome New Year's? I stayed up way too late, but it was worth it. Even the dog slept all day yesterday because he had too much fun =D. I have a lot of resolutions for 2011, but it shouldn't take the New Year to dive into improving myself... Here is my New Year's mani, I was in a rush and the hubby was staring at me encouraging me to finish since we were running late but I HAD to have a New Year's mani, duh! I've been saving China Glaze's Midnight Kiss just for the occasion. I used a BC and two coats of this funtastic gold foil. 

I wore a cool pink sequin blazer so I free-handed the tips with two coats of ULTA's Spice Drop since it was a pink/gold metallic that was almost the same exact color as my top. This mini is from ULTA's Enchanted nail collection. I used Rimmel's 60 second top coat and viola~ We're taking all the decorations down tomorrow. Have you recovered from the holidays?


  1. What a cute mani! Love the tips! All of our decorations are down finally. I think I am recovered and ready to get on with 2011!

  2. I rang in midnight with Midnight Kiss as well! The dude asked me to take off the purple I was wearing and put something "sparkly" on. Sometimes I wonder about that man...

  3. Great manicure. I love the pink and gold combination. Midnight Kiss is a great polish!

  4. Gorgeous mani! Spice Drop looks fantastic. I hope you had a great New Years celebration!

  5. I LOVE this combo! Very pretty! :-) I wish I hadn't passed on that Ulta set now. Happy New Year!

  6. Peach ~ It's always more work to take them down!

    Scandalous ~ That's awesome, and hilarious about the man! That's good he shows an interest!

    Stardust ~ I knew I was saving this beauty for a reason ;)

    Thanks Orleona!

    'Chelle ~ Thank you, I can't wait to use Spice Drop on her own, I had a great New Year yay!

    Ali ~ You're sweet, I really like it too! Maybe you can still snatch the set up?

    Yoannita ~ Thanks~ =D

  7. I like this, classy and fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I love pink & gold together and this looks fab! Its totally New Years appropriate :P

  9. very glamorous and elegant at the same time :)

  10. Marie ~ I thought so too, thanks!

    Tasha ~ Thanks so much, I thought it screamed welcome to 2011 baby!

    Enamel Girl ~ Thank you! They ended up going together so well.

    KarenD ~ Thanks much!

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