Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swap With 'Chelle of Cosmetic Cupcake

I'm so glad I only have to work one more day this week! It's a really slow time of year and I'm going a bit crazy with not a lot to do. The fantastic 'Chelle of Cosmetic Cupcake posted some ridiculous yum Glitter Gal holos back in September that I had to have. I emailed her to see if she'd be willing to do a swap. Since I was so poor we decided December would be best to do it. I got her package the day before Christmas Eve and it was wonderful to open all of her goodies! Let me tell you, she went way overboard and sent me entirely too much =D. Thanks doll!

She wrote me a nice note and included lots of tasty treats!

I've been dying to get my hands on a Hello Kitty plate and am so excited!!

Chic Chic #47, needme Color 20, Ozotic Pro 618, Glitter Gal Not Another Red, T.B.N Frosty Red

BYS Metallic Angel, Ulta3 frog prince, BK Cracking, BYS Silver Moon, Ulta3 waterlily, Arezia


  1. ooooh! what an awesome package!! :)

  2. Lots of great goodies! What a fun swap!

  3. Congrats on your great swap. I loved my swaps with Michelle - she rocks the swap! ;)

  4. Thanks Beata, Katrina!

    Peach ~ The best part was opening it!

    Lacquer Ware ~ Thanks, I feel bad I didn't give her more =(, she was way too generous!

    Thank you YoannitaL!