Monday, December 13, 2010

Flower Contest Entry - Voting Open

Long time no show manis girls! The reason? I have been working on two art contests and didn't want to post until voting was open. This one was Nail Art World's Flower-themed contest. 

Voting is live now, bad news, even though I sent my entry in way early it wasn't included in the entries. It was added after the fact so if you would be nice enough to vote for me, you'll have to leave a comment on the gallery instead of choosing a number off the poll =*(. Sounds like an uphill battle to me, I was so proud of this one too, I thought I had a chance! 

I had a hard time deciding but went with Color Club Twiggie as a base - LOVE LOVE LOVE. I really think this is my favorite color. I then used konad psyche pink and the flowery image from konad plate m56 on my pinkie and pointer fingers. I used a gorgeous metallic fuchsia stripe rite to draw the smile lines. I then used the striper to draw leaves on my middle finger and added a flower rhinestone from an Essence pack I had. I glued on an acrylic hot pink flower with rhinestone center I had on my index finger then free handed the flower on my thumb with Sinful's Bad Chick white striper and outline it with the pink. I added a rhinestone in the middle from the same Essence pack. Lastly I shook up my awesome Out The Door Northern Lights hologram topcoat. I couldn't seem to photograph it right but it was fantastic! 


  1. I love the flower on your thumb! Just voted :)

  2. Hi, Freshie! :)

    I hope the host can include your entry in the poll.

    I don't have a shade yet that's similar to your base color, I better look for one. It's looks really nice. You think it will work on a darker skin tone like mine?

  3. Thanks ThRiSzHa ~ your entry turned out really nice!

    Jeanelle ~ Thanks love! I was so proud of it too considering my freehand blows haha

    Runs ~ Thanks, but it's too late now waghh, Your entry is so sweet and simple, love it! To be honest I think cooler colors don't look as good on my skin tone but this one is so warm I truly think it would glow on you!

  4. Voted! I love your base color too. And I wish I could see the holograph sparkle better! :)That m56 image is pretty attractive. I might ave to add that plate to my wishlist.