Monday, December 27, 2010

Fill My Stocking Mani~

I don't know about you, but I seriously can't believe Christmas is OVER! All that preparation and whoosh, it's gone just like that. Did you all get some awesome haulage? Between some giveaway winnings, a swap, and Christmas I have some major goodies! This was my Christmas mani, it was supposed to be Party Hearty, but I was late to the party and couldn't get it done.

This is a BC and three coats of the red glitter jelly China Glaze Mrs. Claus topped off with a coat of Rimmel's 60 sec. TP. This polish just explodes in low lighting, I really like it! I used Konad special white to stamp the little full stocking images. Hoping you all had a great holiday!


  1. Very cute! :) Mrs. Claus is such a christmassy glitter, perfect for christmas manis!

  2. Very cute mani! I can't believe Christmas is over either. But we have New Years on Saturday, so still another celebration ahead!

  3. Mrs Claus is such a pretty polish!Perfect for post Christmas, pre-new year time!
    I love the design!Christmassy indeed!And it'll be Christmas in 362 days, so no worries :D

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