Saturday, November 6, 2010

Color It Red Contest Entry ~ Voting Open

Hola chicas! I just got done with a Zumba class that I'm taking with a co-worker. Super fun but somtimes I totally lose the steps and look like a damn fool. Oh well =D. So Simply Rins is running a nail art contest in honor of her blog's one year anniversary, the catch is the main color used has to be her favorite ~ RED. I was able to submit the below entry. I think the contest is unique because everyone is able to vote for three! Take a look at all the entries here.

I used a base coat and two coats of Sinful's Tokyo Pearl on all my nails which is a metallic white cream. I then free-handed a diagonal line with BYS red crackle polish at the top of my nail. I was really hoping the crackles would go crazy and show the white underneath but it didn't work very well. I then painted the bottom half of my nail with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and free-handed a line with Stripe Rite black, red and blue glitter. Lastly I stamped the "frilly" image from pate m57 in konad black. On my accent fingers I stamped the zebra design from konad plate m57, the bow from konad plate m56 with konad black polish, added a red rhinestone and used China Glaze Fast Forward to seal them all up! The only thing is I don't think this TC is supposed to go with crackle polish because it chipped the very next day *sad face*. Now I have to work an another entry. Happy weekend and please go vote!


  1. About the crackles...I think they may just have bad wear in general. I used a Kelier Nail crackle top coat with Rush on top the other day and it started flaking off after a few hours. I'm going to try it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Orly In a Snap to see if it wears better, but I suspect it's something about the crackle.

  2. Wow! You put a lot of time into this! Very creative. Too bad it already chipped :(

  3. I personally think think idea of crackling ail polish is really cool i was putting it on when my stepmom come over and she was like oh Keelie that is so cool how did you do that? and i was like Erin you got this for me yesterday at Claire's this is just my crackle nail polish i did not do this my self but I did put some glow in the dark nail polish under it so she was like oh can you do that to my nails and I was like sure why not then I said grab a paper towel and pick out witch glow in the dark color you want so she did when she got back i was like mom thats not a glow in the dark color thats black black is not a glow in the dark color black will never be a glow in the dark color (hint : she is not into beauty or fashion like me)so mom it will not show through the black crackle that we have we can not use any other crackle color unless you take me to CVS or something real quick then we will have another crackle color so CVS or pick a new under color