Monday, October 25, 2010

Zombie Zest Halloween Mani

I know, I know you've all seen this mean green! To be honest I didn't even want this polish in this collection but it's turned out to be the most unique one in the set I think! I used one coat of Seche Rebuild a BC and three coats of Zombie Zest. I thought it was going to be a rough glitter but it's smooth shimmer goodness. I decided this needed a little more Halloween so I added some "slime" with a dotting tool and Savvy Ebony Black. 

I then dug out some cute Halloween stickers I've had sitting in my stash since last year. The stickers are the smoothest and longest lasting ones I've used so far. I topped it off with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. Which polish is your favorite for Halloween manis?


  1. Very cute! Love the stickers! I'm not sure which polish would be my favorite for Halloween. But I'm really loving China Glaze's Ick-A-Body right now!

  2. I will be sporting OPI Suzi skis the Pyrenees with sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, made matte with Essie Matte About You for Halloween.

  3. Cute mani, great polish! Hmm, I haven't planned a Halloween mani yet, possibly just standard black/orange. Hopefully, something more interesting, haha.

  4. wow.. thats so fab love the color and those cute halloween stickers...

  5. I can't wait to use my Zombie Zest now, it looks amazing on you!

  6. I'm doing a simple candy corn mani for Halloween night, but the rest of the week I'll be sporting CG's Fortune Teller, which is my fallback Halloween polish. :)

  7. I tried looking for Halloween nail art stickers here but I couldn't find one. :(

    Hmm ... I'll probably be wearing an almost black and white combo mani on Halloween. My favorite Halloween polish so far is the CG's Wagon Trail. :)

  8. How cute, I like it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. The Peach ~ Thank you~ I actually just took that one off and it wasn't so much fun =/

    Beata ~ That sounds perfect!

    Thanks Ping! Black & Orange is always good, I'm sure you'll do something creaqtive =D

    Thank you Thriszha! The bat is so cute, I was sad when he peeled off ~

    Aww thanks Jeanelle ~ It really is pretty!

    attackedastoria ~ yay for candy corn! The idea popped into my head a few weeks back and then everyone started doing such cute ones I figured I'd leave it to them ;)

    Rins ~ I haven't seen that one? Are you going to post Wagon Trail?

    Marie ~ Thanks hun!

  10. This is really the only color from this colection I like, I wasn't going to get it, but hubby talked me into it, I am glad I got it :).
    The others are a pain, worse formula ever, maybe I got the bad ones of the batch? oh well.

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