Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ick-a-Body is Icky to Remove

Only four more days until Halloweenie and a few more hours until voting ends for my giveaway! If you haven't voted, please do so. I planned on doing something exciting with Ick-a-Body as a base but time was not on my side last week so here it is with just a base coat, two coats (I probably should have done three) and a top coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. I do like the polish, it's a clear black base with a booty-load of orange glitter.

I kept it on for four days and when I realized I wasn't going to do much more with this mani I took it off. No bueno! I soaked each nail in acetone for at least a minute each and still had to scrub. It's pretty, but not pretty to remove. Also to get more in the mood I bought a haunted gingerbread house, it was a bit messy and black icing was everywhere but I think the end result is extra cute! 

What are you doing to get in the Halloween spirit?


  1. Thats too bad Ick-A-Body was difficult to get off :( It was easy for me to get started chipping within a day on my fingers. But I didn't use a topcoat. Not sure if that would have helped.

    Thats an awesome gingerbread house!

  2. That looks like hell to remove indeed lol, but it's a great Halloween mani! Cute house :)

  3. I never have much trouble removing glitter, even when I cake on 3 or 4 layers.. though I do soak them in acetone and use heavy-duty felt to take it off, which is great.

    Cute gingerbread house! I've been getting in the spirit by decorating, lightning all my fall candles, and doing halloween-y colors on my nails. :)

  4. I removed glitter polish on my nails by using cotton with acetone & wrap it with aluminium and let it say & press for 30 secs.. and this made me easy to remove glitter polish

  5. Wow, the gingerbread house is awesome! <3
    And the color is really pretty, I hate removing glitters,too...

  6. Thanks Lois, I haven't tried the foil method yet so I might have to start with this one next time~