Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Mani!!

Yay it's finally Halloween! We're still recovering from last night yuck. I am watching my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus and getting ready to hand out candy to all the kids in their cute costumes. I used the last polish in China Glaze's Awakening Collection, Mummy May I. Definitely my favorite of the bunch but my polishes must have had something wrong with my batch because it was soo goopy. I may have to add some thinner to it. I used two coats of Mummy May I, a black jelly with purple glitter. After seeing a Day in the Life of Doll Face's awesome spider web mani I knew I wanted to do a mini one.

I didn't look at hers again before I did mine and I should have. I used Sinful's striper white Bad Chick to free hand the webs. I needed more lines to make the webs look better but I'm happy with the quick job I did. The cleanup was pretty hard, I'll finish in the shower. Everyone have a great night and don't scare yourself silly with all the movies and shows on TV!


  1. looks awesome! hope you had a great Halloween~ :)

  2. Very cute mani! Hope you handed out lots of candy and had a great night!

  3. love this design!
    your very talented :)

  4. Thanks Katrina, I did did you?

    Peach ~ Thanks Mucho! We got a few rushes but near as many kids as I was hoping for

    Tips ~ Thank you!! My middle finger was my fav.

    Thank you Tasha!