Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Contest Entries!

WOW, thanks to all you ladies who took the time to enter my Halloween contest and giveaway! All the entries are amazing and I'm going to have a very hard time narrowing it down to three :(. I wanted to share all of these fantastic entries before I choose three for everyone to vote on. Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!

Iris of Pimp My Nailz

 JQ of Frippery Digits
 Lex D

 Lucy of Lucy's Stash
 Zara of Never Unpolished
 Rina of Simply Rins
 Sayra from Totally Nailed It
 Jenny from Polisholigy
 Tara from For Your Nails Only


  1. Great job everyone, these are awesome!

  2. Awesome job. Extra kudos to Lucy for the "zombie dirt hand" (looks like a lot of black eyeshadow went into that look)

  3. I have two favorites! I hope they'll be in the "finals" :) Well done, girls! I'm impressed!

  4. Wow! These ladies have some serious skill and imagination! Looks like a lot of great entries!

  5. WOOAH these are all nice. and i also love lucy's soo creepy. i didn't even think that was a real hand.

  6. Wow! Those are all so amazing!

  7. I think all designs are nice! :) Thanks, Freshie! I really did enjoy doing this challenge.

  8. great designs. i'll be hard to choose =)

  9. These are so fantastic. Good work ladies! <3 Poor Freshie, she's going to have to pick three! :P

  10. The entries are all so great, thanks to everyone please vote!!