Friday, October 29, 2010

Giveaway Drama for Your Mama ~ Long

Ok guys, I need to put something out there. I am dealing with some drama on the Halloween contest giveaway. I just wanted everyone to know what had happened, how I came to my decision, and I hope everyone sees that my decision is valid and warranted. Here's the skinny ~

I made my call for entrants on the Halloween giveaway contest, I wasn't as detailed or as clear as I should have been since I didn't exactly know what I was even looking for. After Triszha of Fab Ur Nails asked a few questions about entries being original or not I specified publicly in comments that my entrants had to be Halloween inspired and could only exist previously on your own personal blog, not other contests, giveaways etc. After receiving everyone's entries and posting them before making my final decisions I received an email from Triszha letting me know that some of the girls shouldn't be finalists because they had used the art for other contests. I appreciate her concern, but thankfully there wasn't any conflict because the finalists chosen didn't fall into this category. 

When it came time to vote, I was very vague and just asked everyone to vote, winner would be chosen by most votes period as that is all I explained in my original post. Then Triszha started emailing me telling me there were multiple blogger profiles that were blocked and that they shouldn't be counted because people had the ability to cheat. I am very trusting of people and this hadn't even occurred to me until Triszha started emailing me. I was a little tipsy when she emailed me and I said that could be very unfair and I wouldn't count the "blocked profiles." When all the votes were in I discounted the "blocked profiles" because of Triszha's email, when in reality if she hadn't emailed me I would have counted the blocked votes because a vote is a vote from a profile and I hadn't specified otherwise. So not counting "blocked profiles" Triszha won, counting ALL votes that weren't after Midnight on Wednesday Rins won by three. I had pre-written an email to Triszha letting her know she was the winner which I sent too quickly last night, after thinking about it and talking to my husband we agreed I was being unfair and I handled the situation poorly. If Triszha hadn't of emailed me, as well as her friend, and kept bringing things to my attention it would have been based on votes alone. Therefore I thought it was wrong as did some other people I talked to. Within 35 minutes I emailed Triszha letting her know I felt I breached my OWN contest rules by not counting votes alone and that Rins should truly be the winner. She said she was fine with that, but she isn't, which on one hand I completely understand because I made the huge mistake of emailing her and letting her know she won and then retracted it. She has emailed me multiple times saying that other people cheated, but that can't be proven. She's now posted a blog about this even though she said she understood. I stand by my decision to make Rins the winner based on votes alone. In the future I agree my contests should be run differently so there aren't ANY questions about who the winner is. Now Rins feels pressured to relinquish her win and I don't think that's right. Please let me know if you think this is fair, if not then I will come up with a solution but no other contestant was emailing me "whispering in my ear" per say. I feel horribly about this whole thing and am just trying to be fair to everyone. I toyed with the thought of a Runner Up prize because of this but now I feel she is trying to guilt me into making her the winner. What do you think? I'm really discouraged and feel like I don't even want to do anything like this in the future...


  1. this is a crap situation to be in. I think you should give the win to Rins if she had the votes. never mind if some profiles were private, that has nothing to do with votes. sounds like someone has some sour grapes. :/ don't let this dissuade you from future giveaways, it's a learning experience right? it's sweet of you to host one in the first place. your giveaway, your rules. :)

  2. I would say that perhaps in the future, you specify EXACTLY what you want to do with private profiles. However in this case, perhaps it is best to stick with giving the win to the one with the most total votes overall. I guess it is a valuable lesson to always specify exactly what the rules are. Sorry it has turned into such a bad situation!

  3. freshie i just made a post c0z thats what i n0t being over dramatic on this i just wish u kn0w what i felt when u retrieved what u had told me.. i had told u that i didnt expect that i will be the winner of ur c0ntest for i already kn0w that rins g0t the m0st v0tes..i had email u c0z i want to be sure if all the v0tes will be counted c0z m0stly in a c0ntest they d0nt allow private profile v0te..try to put ur self 0nce in my situati0n and i kn0w u will understand n0t being over dramatic this is what i felt, im just being real i couldnt just pretend that i wasnt n0t disappointed about my experience with u and i respect ur dicisi0n and hence, rins got the m0st number of v0tes! the issue here is n0t wh0s the winner but the situati0n u had email me and told me that im the winner and u had asked for my mailing address..and then suddenly u retrieved what u said..wouldnt u be disappointed if that happens to u?anyways, freshie its ok n0w..i just h0pe we learned s0mething fr0m this.. if my post b0thers u im willing to delete that post..i had a great time in joining ur c0ntest and im so thankful that because of my entry 0n u my creati0n has been disc0ver..again thank u..peace!

  4. Wow, that's quite the tricky situation.

    I may get knocked down for this, but I find it odd that someone who entered your contest would be monitoring your giveaway so closely..telling you what is fair..what isn't fair. This is your giveaway and products you purchased as a gift to someone. As someone mentioned before your giveaway..your rules. It seems as though you were pressured into an uncomfortable situation.

    I think you are correct in giving the win the person with the most overall votes. However, you did email that other person prior saying they did win. Ugh, that's a tricky situation. You did explain to her the situation..she said she was fine, but then blogged about it. I find that unfair. I feel like you tried to handle this issue privately and to the best of your ability. I'd suggest emailing the person again and see how you can amicably resolve this situation.

    I know you have good intentions. You have always been kind person. It shows a lot about your character to be honest about this situation, and admit to your mistakes. I'm sorry this happened to you. I feel like sometimes we try so hard to please everyone that we end up making some mistakes. Don't feel bad about it. We're human and it happens. Also, don't let it sway you from future contests. I'd just make sure to make your rules are clear.

    I know this wasn't very helpful. I'm sorry you were put in a situation like that. I completely understand how you feel right now.

  5. Let it go. Life is too short to worry over a nail art contest.

    You are human, you made a mistake without being clear, and honestly it is YOUR contest you can run it however you saw fit.:)

    Give the prize to Rins and send a note of apology and consolation prize ti Thriszha.

  6. btw, why are u mad at me? since, im n0t the 1 who made a mistake and ur the 1 who email me that i w0n in ur c0ntest which i never c0z its clear and loud that rins w0n in ur c0ntest..d0nt let this situati0n discourage u 0n ur upc0ming giveaways but let This situati0n as a less0n to learn to all of n0t just disappointed with the situati0n..but Im super ok n0w..I still RESPECT U and STILL LOVE TO FOLLOW AND READ UR POST..├╝

  7. Personally, next time, I would just make the rules very clear before voting even starts; I was surprised when I didn't see any rules on the post for voting, but I know some people just prefer simple contests not overloaded with rules and restrictions. Just take this is a lesson learned, and don't jump the gun next time, because I know if I had been told I'd won, then my win was taken away, I'd be really disappointed. Everyone makes mistakes, though. Do what you think is the best solution.

    I was a finalist(entry 3), and I had fun even though I had no shot of winning. Please don't let this dissuade you from future contests. :)

  8. Wow! I just wanted to give you some support. It is your giveaway. You can handle it how you wish. I think you did the right thing. You did not state in your contest rules that you would not count votes from blocked profiles. This is nail polish, creativity, and is supposed to be fun! Please don't let this ruin your day!

    I find it distasteful that one of the contest entrants was emailing you about this stuff anyway. You enter a contest and it is up to the person holding the contest's discretion how to handle it. Nobody elses.

    You need to quit worrying about this and have a great Halloween weekend!

  9. Thank you all so much for your insight, again it's nail polish and fun I'm just trying to keep it fair! I was trying to keep this matter private but it didn't happen that way.

    Stardust ~ you hit the nail on the head at the time I just thought it was being nice and helpful bot one I sat back and evaluated everything there was some major Big Brother type communication going on.

    Triszha - I am not angry with you, just frustrated with the situation, including myself. I shouldn't have been swayed any way than the original intent of the contest. The only reason I wrote this blog post is because Rins emailed me and was so sad that you thought she was cheating. I thought after you wrote your post it only fair for me to write a response. I just feel the tone of your post and the comments here are a bit different.

  10. Thanks Peach! You're too sweet!

  11. For the current problem you could even do a re-vote between the two. Via email, One vote per follower, with only the followers which existed prior to the contest, no new followers who signed up afterwords being allowed to vote.

  12. I'm sorry this has been an uncomfortable situation. I'm sure whatever your decision it's the right one for you and YOUR competition.

    I have to say I'm a little hesitant to host a competition now that I understand how complicated it can get!

    You can't please everybody, and I think we all know you were just trying to be fair according to what you had specified originally.

    Thank you for hosting the challenge. I was thrilled to participate and I think both Thrishza and Rins had really super fun manicures.


  13. I'm sorry you're going through this freshie! We're all human and make mistakes...and I have to say even though I completely understand how disappointed the women is, at the end of the day its just nail polish (huh? did I just say that? LOL) and there is no reason for people to play the victim and stamp their foot because they didn't get what they wanted. Hope you feel better hun!

  14. eeep. what a tight situation. i will say that i think its going a biiiit overboard.

    i do agree with Stephanie that its a little strange she monitored the whole thing, telling you what you should do...

    but hey, dont sweat it. your contest, your prizes bought with your money - - you handle it how you want/have to. :)

  15. It was your contest. You count what votes you deem are fair. She can't tell you what is valid and what is not (just because other people don't count private votes doesn't mean you can't do so).

    On that note- it was just a contest. She'll get over it.

  16. I should really read the comments before I post. I'm just beating a dead horse here. Whoops.

  17. A huge thank you to all of you for your opinions on this!

    JQ ~ I think contests with nail art and a voted winner are much more difficult than just a standard giveaway to a random follower bc I've done one already and it was just fine!

    Kathleen ~ As much as we all love it, yes just nail polish ;)

    Katrina, Starving ~ Thank you both, I'm feeling better. Was just stressed out and needed some advice.

    Big Hugs to all of you!

  18. wow this turned into such a big deal! its shouldn't be- its nail polish! once you make rules you should stick to them. If you don't specify something as "not allowed" then it should be allowed. I don't think its fair, to anyone, to change the rules mid contest and disqualify people for it. I agree with Stephanie and Jenny here. Rins wins and thats the end of it.

  19. I think you should send the prize to Rins...she did win by your original rules. If you want to make future contests public-profile-only, great, but I think it's fair to stick by your original rules.

  20. Maybe next time make the rules clear from the beginning, stick to them and don't let anyone else affect your decision on rules or final winner. I think that that's what messed you up, having other people interfere with what you had originally decided to be fair for your contest.

    Hopefully everything works out and everyone is happy in the end :)

  21. Some people are just competitive, no matter what the prize. So I don't find Triszha strange for trying to dictate the flow of the game, so to speak.

    What I do find odd are the capital o's... in the middle of the words! No, wait, are those zeroes?! Strange indeed.

    Another odd thing... I'm a straight dude who occasionally visits nail polish blogs. How weird is that?

  22. Interesting post, I don't know what else to say :o

  23. I think you were right to do that, I mean it is your contest and you never specified these rules just because other contests has those rules doesn't mean you do. I hope you won't feel discouraged to host a competition again. <3