Saturday, October 30, 2010

Claire's Glow in the Dark

Hey guys I can't wait for Halloween! I got free tickets to the local college football team and tailgate tent plus we're going to the neighbor's Halloween party. Should be an eventful evening to say the least. I just hope I can wake up on Sunday =). I wanted to share with you one of Claire's Glow in the Dark polishes. It is a baby hot pink in the bottle full of pastel glitters. It looks like it would be really bright but it's ridiculously sheer so I decided to do three coats over a base coat and one coat of Sinful Snow Me White.

It looks like a very light pink with some glitter even over the white. I kept trying to take photos in the dark to show the "glow" but it just wasn't happening. Just close your eyes and imagine a fluorescent green and yellow in the dark heehee ~ Be safe everyone and have an amazing night!


  1. This nail polish would make my sister smile.

    Be safe and have an amazing night too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Happy Halloween and enjoy the game ... and the party!

    Before, I tried to capture on photo my glow in the dark nail art stickers. I didn't come out well either. :(

    I think the dainty pink shade came out nice with your base color. :)

  3. I thought that this one would be a baby pink softie. It stands out so much better with the Snow Me White. Have fun at the game and party. :)

  4. nice color.. I think u need to recharge ur GITD polish in some light and when u captured the GITD.. the best way I did is I set my ISO camera setting (im just using a dg cam)in a high level no flash & in macro..this camera setting works on me.. i hope this could help.. happy halloween..XD

  5. Thanks Marie you too~

    Rins ~ Happy Halloween! We left the game early but the party was a blast. I liked the color too thank you ~

    Kimberly ~ Thank you! We had fun, I just wish I could have gotten pictures of it~

    ThRiSzHa ~ I use my phone and unfortunately it doesn't have as many settings as a good camera.