Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jelly Gradient

Well hello there! After getting my jelly haul I couldn't decide what mani to do, miss Iris from Pimp My Nailz and Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes requested a gradient so here 'tis. After seeing All Lacquered Up's awesome gradient mani with Butter London Jelly I knew I had to borrow the concept. Butter London Chuffed is a bright pink coral jelly with pink microglitter. I combo-ed it with a few polishes to see what would work best and settled on Sinful Beautiful girl, a bubble gum pink cream as a base.

I used Seche Rebuild, a base coat and two coats of Beautiful Girl. There was still a slight VNL but I figured the Chuffed layering would hide it. I then proceeded to add one, two, three and four layers in increments going up to the tips of my nails. A coat of China Glaze Fast Forward sealed the sucker off and I was giddy with the results.

I could have worn this a few more days but have a wedding this weekend. Can't wait to try this with different colors and test out the purple jelly Stroppy! Have you tried a gradient mani? What colors do you like to use for gradients?


  1. Love this! I have never tried a gradient mani, but you did an awesome job! What a fun look!

  2. This is great! I use glitters for my gradients.

  3. ooh, awesome job with the gradient! its so pretty :)

  4. I absolutely love this gradient. You must teach me or now do a tutorial. (aren't I demanding? lol) I just suck at these and would love to see how you do it. :)

  5. Thanks Peach!

    Aggie ~ that's a good idea too =D

    Katrina ~ Thank you! the colors worked really well together

    Lacquer ~ Haha no problem, I will do a tutorial when I use the Chuffed. Did you look at All Lacqered Up's post?

    Thanks Jackie!