Monday, September 13, 2010

Bronco Water Marble

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Mine was pretty much at warp-speed. I wanted to do a Bronco-themed watermarble for the season opener maybe pass a few good vibes to my Orange Crush since they were playing in hot ass Jacksonville.

I used one coat of Seche Rebuild followed by a BC and one coat of Sinful's white cream in Snow Me White. I then water marbled with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Sunkissed and HD Laser (blue purple glitter) and Snow Me White. The Hi-Definition Sally did not want to cooperate in the water, not sure if it is all the microglitter but it was just so pale and I didn't come close to a consistent design. The below right hand turned out better but I have two little nubs I'm still trying to grow out.

After I dipped my nail in, the HD was splattering into the white. It's OK but not the crisp separation I'm used to. I topped it off with one coat of China Glaze's Fast Forward. Considering my Broncos lost and this didn't work out as planned It was a lose-lose. I may have to attempt again with a different blue. Have you tried to watermarble with any of the HD polishes? Did it work better than this or is it a non marble-friendly formula?


  1. I love the way the polish went on your ring finger in the second pic! I adore blue and orange together. My first water marble was in turquoise and orange with copper chrome. Turned out pretty neat. :)

  2. I love water marbles! I hate that there is so much trial and error in them though!
    Way to support your team though,

  3. I really like the color combo. I also love how it really does look like actual marbling. This is a fun mani, even if it didn't work out the way you originally intended! :)

  4. Thanks JQ! I like the way that one turned too, the colors would be great with a copper~

    Aggie - I do too, I have the process to under an hour but it's still a lot of work for the unkonwn ;)

    Thank you Jenny, I do agree that these look most like real marbles~

  5. The color combo is really great!!! I definitely love it! And this trial is successful=) Love youu

  6. This is really cool! I love water marbles, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to try it myself! lol..maybe one day.

    I tagged you for the Sunshine Award! :-)

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  8. HI polishfreshie,
    I have emailed you twice! You are my crackle polish giveaway winner so please repond ASAP!

  9. Thanks Emy! xoxo <3

    Aww, appreciate it Ali, I will post this today, you should give it a try. My SImple Little Pleasures Blog has some fantastic tutorials

    Melanie - Thanks for following, I will have a look!

    Konad - Soo sorry they went to my spam folder :(