Tuesday, August 3, 2010


OK so if I thought Walgreen's was the devil, I was sorely mistaken! I haven't been to ULTA since this new obsession of mine has started and I'm thinking that is a very good thing. I made my first trip this past weekend (and didn't even have a valid coupon-what was I thinking?!) and it was a little out of control. I literally had to have the cashier remove multiple things because I couldn't swallow a $126 total - no way Jose.

Paint & Peel Dove, Essence Hang Loose and The World's Coolest, Orly It's Up to Blue and Essence Underwater

Let's be fair I did get some makeup items and did add a few dupes for my upcoming 100 follower giveaway but that bit the dust when I heard the bill. I left with a good polish haul along with a tinge of buyer's remorse.

ULTA Banana Rum in the Sun - I think it is a dupe for ChG Lemon Fizz but had to have it because of the name, Goddess, Diva, L.A. Splash Sparkling OceanSpray, Essie Turquoise & Caicos ULTA fast-drying drops and Essence nail gems.

I know as soon as I start slapping some paint on my fingers it will all go away, at least that's what I'm telling myself. Are you dangerous at ULTA because they have so many brands in one place?


  1. There's no ulta around where I am, and I'm thankful, because I'll go crazy, hahaha. Anyway, great haul, so many goodies!

  2. I've only been to an Ulta once because the nearest one is three hours away, but the one time I was there I definitely went crazy. :D

  3. Ulta is a dangerous place. That's a great haul though!

  4. oh Ulta...you've captured the hearts and wallets of many it seems! I try not to go too crazy, just a little bit of planned crazy with a coupon or something...and I just cannot make an impulse buy, it's really a sickness, I see something the dog or bird might like at Petsmart and I walk out with it, something at Ulta, I go home and research it for a week then go back and get it!!! lol!

  5. Ping - That's good, so there's no temptation!

    Zara - If takes three hours then you're allowed to go a little crazy~

    Stardust - I'm glad you agree ;)

    Aggie -That's good though! You never doubt if you really wanted it =D, plus it's too easy to buy for the furry children~

  6. These are good stuff!:D Always have a coupon with you next time, it does help.:D

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  7. I can spend an hour at ulta just looking at nail polish and deciding which ones i really need to get lol

  8. The really dangerous thing about Ulta is that there are two within easy driving distance of my office, so I can go for a little lunchtime pick me up. Even using coupons and waiting for sales and stalking the clearance section, I spend a lot of money there.

  9. Marie - I ALWAYS have a coupon, not sure what happened this time

    Jeanelle - There's just so much to choose from =D

    KarenD - Wow that is super dangerous! At least my location is a bit out of the way

  10. ULTA is always an expensive trip for me. Please do a review of the "peel and paint" polish by sula--thinking of snagging a few myself as they are on the sales rack at my local ULTA

  11. Beata - I only bought one because it was on sale. I'll review very soon but in the meantime Zara of Never Unpolished just did one on Moss: