Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sula Paint & Peel

When I originally saw Sula's Paint and Peel polish in Ulta I was a bit giddy remembering the days of my childhood when I would sit and paint and peel my nails for hours because it was so fun to take off! I passed on the retail price of $9.99. Later when I went back for my first Ulta haul and saw it on the clearance shelf for $4.99 I figured I had to get at least one. All the colors seemed dark and muted, nothing like the flashy, sparkly and bright polishes I'm generally drawn to. I settled on Dove which is a dark gunmetal gray.

Outside at dusk

Boy was I expecting much more out of this polish. It seems nice and thick on the brush and applies smoothly (I'm thinking that's the water base) but it's streak city!! It took four thick coats to even get close to something smooth and wearable. As you can see from the pictures there are tons of bald spots.

Outside indirect sunlight

I did not like the way this turned out at all, but was anticipating the fun "removal" since it should have been cake. Mind you I screwed up and used a BC (the bottle says apply directly to bare nail which I didn't notice until it was too late) but that polish wasn't rolling anywhere - especially not off my nail. I had to remove with acetone and it took a gob of remover pads since the formula wasn't meant to be removed this way and it's a rubbery plastic type substance. So to be fair, I painted one bare dry nail with two coats and let it dry to attempt the directed removal.

While the polish did come off, it was NOT nice and easy like the days of yore (at least from what my six year old brain can remember). Let's just say I will never buy one of these polishes again, the finish is spotty at best and the removal, which is supposed to be the best part, stunk! If I could get my money back for this little sucker I would, but since it was on the clearance rack I doubt it. Have any of you tried Sula? Am I just way off base with my conclusion? I think for $9.99 this should be a much better polish all around. I'll spend my money on something else thank you.


  1. Thanks for reviewing Sula paint 'n peel. Now I know not to buy any. (Its on the clearance rack at my local Ulta as well)

  2. I have Sula Paint & Peel in Moss, and though it did take me four coats to reach opacity, I had no problems whatsoever with removal - it all came off in one piece with every nail. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. :(

  3. hmm, I thought about the polishes I had when I was younger too, so funny. Just get Orly Tough Cookie as a base and everything will peel right off in whole nail-shape, lol!

  4. Beata - I'd call it Pain and Peel =) but it may just be me~

    Zara - I saw your review and I was excited about mine. I just wasn't impressed with color/formula/wear

    Aggie - Ha I'll have to try that one ;)

  5. Thanks for the reivew. I'd be afraid to put that color on without a base coat--maybe it wouldn't stain due to the water base?

  6. Karen - maybe not but I was just unhappy from start to finish!