Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hauls Make Me Happy!

Oooh look at all my new goodies! I'm also still waiting on my Viva La Nails blogger pack and first TransDesign order. This is a combination of eBay buys, Walgreens and Sally's (except Essie's Matte about you, Sally's didn't have it but Target did?). In order left to right:

Out The Door Northern Lights Hologram Topcoat in Silver, Essie Matte About You, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Virtual Violet, VIP Pink Sinful Mint Apple, So Easy Stripe Rite Fuchsia metallic with silver shimmer, Stripe Rite in black/red/blue/silver glitter, konad plate m55 (fruit) and some rhinestone and pearl happiness. Silly me thought out the door was a topcoat especially for holo polish since it just looked like a clear top coat. Shake that baby and the little holos come flying up from the bottom. I have to admit I shake it at least once a day and look at all those magical sparkles...must...use...soon!


  1. so cute!
    they makes mo happy too :D

  2. awesome haul :) how much did you get the Essie for?

  3. YAY Nice one! And I just bought the Out The Door holo top coat too! :D Haven't tried it yet though.

  4. Can't wait to see what you come up with using all these goodies! good haul!

  5. Out The Door holo top coat! i wanna see that one :)

  6. I love Essie Matte about you. I use it over my China Glaze romantiques when I use them as a base color. I own 3 bottles (2 of which I got them as free bonuses when a purchased chinchilly and wicked as a combo pack at ULTA...those lil' jewels were tucked into the clearance bin together...)
    You have to swatch the out the door holo glitter soon.

  7. Awesome haul!! Rhinestones = love.

  8. maRyya - Aww the simple pleasures in life =D (can add up quickly ;))

    Danielle - It was around $8?

    ShortAndSweet - Isn't it the most gorgeous thing ever just in the bottle?!

    Thank you LuLu! I'm now following you =D

    Katrina - I'm dying to use it and already have a mani in my head for it...coming soon!

    Clearance section? Good find!! I went to Sally's and they didn't have ChG Magic Mattifier and I'm thinking hello aren't you the beauty source? This holo top coat is to die for, can't wait to use it!

    Thanks Jeanelle, I'd take a bath in rhinestones if I could!! <3