Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Things + Flower Pretties

A big thank you to Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted, Shazzii of Polish Infatuated, Emy of Polishing Ever After and boonDY of boondynails for tagging me for this award ~
The Rules:
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2. State 10 things you like
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10 Things I Like:
  • Bowling - It's so fun, anyone who isn't having fun bowling needs to take themselves less serious. It's always a good time with some beers and some laughs. Color pin bowling is the best!
  • Reality TV - Yes I realize that reality and reality TV are an oxymoron but come on it's mindless entertainment. Rock of Love, Real World, The Hills , Jersey Shore - yes please.
  • Texas Hold 'em - Anyone can learn and anyone can win (at least if you're playing with friends or a local contest we're not talking WSOP here). I'm obsessed with Full Tilt play money poker.
  • My puppy and my bunny, I'm sorry but animals are better than people period.
  • My Hubby - he puts up with me, nuff said =D xoxo
  • The Broncos - COLORADO represent. My Mom stalks John Elway and wants his love child, I'll bleed orange and blue 'til the day I die.
  • Anything sparkly this includes glitter and/or rhinestones, it's not tacky it's fabulous!
  • Baking - I don't always enjoy cooking but baking is so much more appealing because it's usually pretty and good even if you screw it up.
  • Fashion, I don't always get super high-end inspirations but I'm a girl who pays attention to a label, if I can't afford it - I can fake it with my interpretation.
  • Margaritas - sweet, salt, relaxation in a glass - need I say more?
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+ and I tag anyone else who wants this award/tag too!

I also wanted to show you this beautimous ceramic flowers that came in the mail today from eBay. LOVE!