Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Viva La Nails ~ Finally!

The hours are ticking down to the end of my first giveaway! I'm hoping to announce the lucky winner by Friday so stay tuned. Just a quick post to let you know I FINALLY received my Viva La Nails special blogger pack. They really didn't skimp on this. The only thing I'm not able to use are the crushed shells since it says on the website not to use them on natural nails. I assume it's because they'll scratch or just won't stay on.

There are all kinds of embellishments and sparkly things. I'm most excited about the yellow flower-shaped rhinestones and the bright kelly green slivers of glitter. There are also a ton of great water decals I can't wait to try. Overall this is such a great way for Viva La Nails to showcase their product and get honest reviews. I wonder if everyone gets the same pack to try?Look for all this fun-ness in upcoming manis!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Cheetah Blue Me Away!

Hiya girlies! Don't forget there's only three more days to enter my first giveaway. I hope you're enjoying a Saturday off, I actually feel like I accomplished some things today. I had this konadicure in my head for the past few days and knew I needed to get Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away! on while it is still nice and toasty outside. This polish is a bright blue neon cream that is just smooth and could probably be opaque in one coat. I did use two since it wasn't even all over. I figured this would be a great base for the cheetah design on plate m57 and special white konad polish.

I stamped all my fingers except the index and used two coats of Sinful Snow Me White then took a page out of Tigir LiLy's book and used the cheetah lace design from the same plate in Blue Me Away for the tips. I really like how it turned out, especially the blue stamping over the white.

Just for fun I thought I'd include a phone pic of my handsome boy in the front yard today. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hauls Make Me Happy!

Oooh look at all my new goodies! I'm also still waiting on my Viva La Nails blogger pack and first TransDesign order. This is a combination of eBay buys, Walgreens and Sally's (except Essie's Matte about you, Sally's didn't have it but Target did?). In order left to right:

Out The Door Northern Lights Hologram Topcoat in Silver, Essie Matte About You, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Virtual Violet, VIP Pink Sinful Mint Apple, So Easy Stripe Rite Fuchsia metallic with silver shimmer, Stripe Rite in black/red/blue/silver glitter, konad plate m55 (fruit) and some rhinestone and pearl happiness. Silly me thought out the door was a topcoat especially for holo polish since it just looked like a clear top coat. Shake that baby and the little holos come flying up from the bottom. I have to admit I shake it at least once a day and look at all those magical sparkles...must...use...soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watermelon Mani

I've really been wanting to do a watermelon mani after seeing so many great summer ones! I've had my colors picked out for weeks. I used Wet N' Wild Dreamy Poppy for that great pink melon color. It's a pink/red coral cream that I haven't tried yet. I used a BC and three coats of Dreamy Poppy since there was a bit of a nail line. I let that dry and free-handed by rind (tips) with Zoya Ivanka. I've had the Sinful Bad Chick white cream nail art striper in the closet from a previous haul. I used it to draw a thin line between the tips and the pink.

The pictures are of my left hand which means my non-dominant right hand is the one that did the painting so the line is a bit thicker on this hand. I would have photographed my right hand but I have a little stub of a nail that's so short it just looks depressing. Lastly, I opened my new dotting tool and added the seeds in Savvy Ebony Black. One coat of Seche Vite and my end of summer fruit mani was complete!

I'm going to try to bust out some fun summer fruits while we still have this fantastic 80 degree weather for a few more weeks. Do you like fruit manis? Any unique ones you've tried?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


When I saw this bottle sparkling at me from across the Icing store I knew it was going home with me. It was so shimmery and full of sparkle. Even the girl who checked me out said one of the employees wore it and it was so pretty. It's been sitting in my untrieds for awhile. This color is gorgeous! It's a clear coppery pink jelly base with small and large round glitters with green gold, blue pink and purple hues.

The formula was a bit thick and I'll probably use a thinner next time. Two coats did the job just fine. I used a BC and two coats of Seche to smooth it out since it is a bit rough with all the glitter.

First shot is indoors with flash second is direct sunlight. Let's just say I've been staring at my hands all day!! It's pretty grainy so I'm interested to see how difficult it will be to remove. I will let this paparazzi follow me around anytime.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100 Follower Giveaway - WHOOP

Hi all you lovely ladies! I'm so excited to reach 100 followers, thanks to all of you~! I, like all of you, enjoy doing my nails because I think it's a creative outlet that anyone can get involved with. I have a little giveaway for reaching the big hundo. The prize is a five pack of Icing polishes, since it's brand new and I can't see the bottom of the bottles I'm not sure if they each have a name or not.

The colors are a silver and sapphire glitter in clear base, a candy apple red cream, pure white cream, purple/fuchsia, silver and blue glitter in a clear base and a maroonish red shimmer. I'm also throwing in the famous Sinful Mint Apple and a pack of 80+ Broadway Nails Fashion Diva Nail Art flower decals.

1 Entry Total
  • Must be a GFC Follower - please include your follower name (new followers welcome!)
  • An email address where you can be contacted
2 Entries
  • Blog about this giveaway
  • Add me to your blogroll
2 Entries
  • Your favorite real or online place to purchase polish and nail art (this may be very dangerous for me!!)
Please include all entries and links to blogs/posts in one comment so it's easy to track. Contest closes on 8/31/10. I'll make this International but any suggestions on what carrier to ship with would be appreciated since I've never shipped polish before. Good luck everyone and thanks for reading about me and my little world of paintage.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Funky French & Broken Sadness

This week's PHD challenge was "just the tips" I had two entries this week. I am completely and utterly in love with the second entry I came up with. I knew I had an old school Sally Hansen magical nail polish makeup Blue Aura holo in the closet. I've had it for years since I got it for a Christmas and just realized it's a holo yippee!

I started with a BC and two coats of Sinful Bermuda Sunshine. I thought it was perfect since it has a bluish micro shimmer that would complement the blue holo. I then free-handed tips with two coats of the gorgeous Sinful bubble gum pink cream - Beautiful Girl. Then I used the swirly circle image from konad plate m56 and the Sally Blue Aura to stamp. I topped off my index finger and thumbs with my newly purchased eBay rhinestones. I'm sad because of all the shininess my camera (er cough phone cough) wouldn't pick up the detail of the stamping and that lovely holo shimmer. I used one coat of Seche (GASP on a holo?) yea, because I didn't want all this great work to chip in a day or so. Do you like doing tip designs and funky Frenches?

In other horrible news the broken nail I had been trying to save had to be laid to rest. I know the picture looks horrendous but it's my nail + multiple layers of Sally Hansen's insta-fix glue + multiple coats of polish. I'm so sad because this is my photo and dominant hand. I'm willing it to grow so please send me grow happy thoughts!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Things + Flower Pretties

A big thank you to Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted, Shazzii of Polish Infatuated, Emy of Polishing Ever After and boonDY of boondynails for tagging me for this award ~
The Rules:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 Things I Like:
  • Bowling - It's so fun, anyone who isn't having fun bowling needs to take themselves less serious. It's always a good time with some beers and some laughs. Color pin bowling is the best!
  • Reality TV - Yes I realize that reality and reality TV are an oxymoron but come on it's mindless entertainment. Rock of Love, Real World, The Hills , Jersey Shore - yes please.
  • Texas Hold 'em - Anyone can learn and anyone can win (at least if you're playing with friends or a local contest we're not talking WSOP here). I'm obsessed with Full Tilt play money poker.
  • My puppy and my bunny, I'm sorry but animals are better than people period.
  • My Hubby - he puts up with me, nuff said =D xoxo
  • The Broncos - COLORADO represent. My Mom stalks John Elway and wants his love child, I'll bleed orange and blue 'til the day I die.
  • Anything sparkly this includes glitter and/or rhinestones, it's not tacky it's fabulous!
  • Baking - I don't always enjoy cooking but baking is so much more appealing because it's usually pretty and good even if you screw it up.
  • Fashion, I don't always get super high-end inspirations but I'm a girl who pays attention to a label, if I can't afford it - I can fake it with my interpretation.
  • Margaritas - sweet, salt, relaxation in a glass - need I say more?
My Tags:
Frazzle & Aniploish
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Candy Coated Tips

+ and I tag anyone else who wants this award/tag too!

I also wanted to show you this beautimous ceramic flowers that came in the mail today from eBay. LOVE!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fifty Four French

No not Fifty Four Frenches, a Fifty Four French =D! So I've seriously been picking up my Orly Fifty Four pink micro shimmer ever since my haul and finally put it to good use. I wanted something sweet but simple. I used three coats of Fifty Four. It's so multi-dimensional in the bottle but after it dries on the nail the pink sparkles aren't as apparent. My middle finger shows them the best in the photo. From far away it looks like a pretty sheer pink base so I was hoping the glitter showed a bit more, but I still really like the polish. I then did a french with konad special black polish and plate m19 and added one coat of Seche Vite with one last coat of Fifty Four on top.

I had pretty little Cina Nail Creation rhinestones in pink and white that I added to my index fingers with a dab and coat of SV. PHD just posted her "tips only" challenge so looks like I'll have two entries this week. Oh yeah I received a notification from Viva La Nails that they're free blogger samples are back in stock so if you haven't ordered yet get your ace on over there.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sula Paint & Peel

When I originally saw Sula's Paint and Peel polish in Ulta I was a bit giddy remembering the days of my childhood when I would sit and paint and peel my nails for hours because it was so fun to take off! I passed on the retail price of $9.99. Later when I went back for my first Ulta haul and saw it on the clearance shelf for $4.99 I figured I had to get at least one. All the colors seemed dark and muted, nothing like the flashy, sparkly and bright polishes I'm generally drawn to. I settled on Dove which is a dark gunmetal gray.

Outside at dusk

Boy was I expecting much more out of this polish. It seems nice and thick on the brush and applies smoothly (I'm thinking that's the water base) but it's streak city!! It took four thick coats to even get close to something smooth and wearable. As you can see from the pictures there are tons of bald spots.

Outside indirect sunlight

I did not like the way this turned out at all, but was anticipating the fun "removal" since it should have been cake. Mind you I screwed up and used a BC (the bottle says apply directly to bare nail which I didn't notice until it was too late) but that polish wasn't rolling anywhere - especially not off my nail. I had to remove with acetone and it took a gob of remover pads since the formula wasn't meant to be removed this way and it's a rubbery plastic type substance. So to be fair, I painted one bare dry nail with two coats and let it dry to attempt the directed removal.

While the polish did come off, it was NOT nice and easy like the days of yore (at least from what my six year old brain can remember). Let's just say I will never buy one of these polishes again, the finish is spotty at best and the removal, which is supposed to be the best part, stunk! If I could get my money back for this little sucker I would, but since it was on the clearance rack I doubt it. Have any of you tried Sula? Am I just way off base with my conclusion? I think for $9.99 this should be a much better polish all around. I'll spend my money on something else thank you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

4 Things Tag

Oh Monday how you come so fast! We demo-ed the bathroom yesterday and let me say YUCKY - who puts non-waterproof dry wall in a shower?! Good thing we're redoing it. I wanted to thank Katrina from Katrina's Nail Blog for tagging me =)

4 things in my bag/purse
* Lip Gloss Galore
* Sparkly Biz Card Holder
* Lotion
* Gum

4 things found in my purse
* Receipts
* No Cash Money
* Pens
* Sunscreen
(Why did they ask this twice?)

4 favorite things in my room
* TV
* Wall Art
* Clothes
* My Pillow

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
* I agree with Katrina ~ travel!!!!!!!
* See the Northern Lights
* Own a Dodge Viper
* Go to School for High-Fashion Makeup

4 things I’m currently into
* Bowling
* Anything "Summery"
* Of Course Nail Polish duh!~
* Tasty adult-beverages

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
* I wanted to be a ballerina and a dolphin trainer when I was little
* I used to race 50cc Dirt Bikes
* I'm extremely sensitive and take things very personally
* My mind never stops thinking!!!

4 songs I can't get out of my head
* Usher's OMG
* Enrique Iglesia's Baby I Like It (Jersey Shore Style Son)
* Black Eyed Peas Rock Your Body
* Anything by Taio Cruz

Once tagged, you must link the person who tagged you, tag 4 others, let the bloggers know they have been tagged, give 4 answers to each question asked.

My tags~

* Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted
* AggiePigeon of Running With Polish
* Marie of All Things Marie

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Suit & Hello Kitty

So I've yet to give you a naked nail shot. All my nail shapes were different and some of the tips were flaking a bit so I decided to file them down into a squared tips. I was at Target today and couldn't help looking at all the cute little Hello Kitty stuff they have in the makeup section.

They had a nail polish with no name that is multi-colored hexagon glitters in a clear pink base. Of course they put the cutest little Hello Kitty figurine on the top of the brush. I threw it in my cart for $4.99. When I open it up the brush sucks and the bottle is plastic with no metal beads (ugh!). That's the last time I'll buy a polish without being able to hold the bottle itself in my hand. It better be cute on the nail~

Glitter Galore Round 2

So I went back to my beautiful girl Tara to redo my first "Glitter Galore" pedi. I wanted to watch to see if I could ever get the UV gel off myself and maybe invest in a UV lamp to do this on my own. No cando! She had to use her drill to get off the layers of UV and then redo the glitter. I'm absolutely in love with these pedis but they're going to get pricey if I have to keep going back to get them redone. I may just do it through mid-October and take a break for awhile.

I admit they're absolutely no maintenance and could last two months with some care, but again just another bill to the monthly list I probably don't need. Plus when it starts to get cold here it's not like anyone will be seeing my toes anyhoo!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspired by Nature

Almost Friday, almost Friday...hola chicas! I can't wait until the week is done, although we plan on redoing our bathroom this weekend bleck. I did my entry for PHD's nature inspired challenge last night and am fairly pleased with it. I started with three coats of Ivanka, anyone else have a bit of trouble with Zoya's brushes? I just feel like I can never get enough on the brush to cover with each coat. This is a gorgeous color and I can't wait to rock it around the holidays. It's a clear green base loaded with green glitter. I used this as my base because I LOVE when it's summer and all the grass and trees are green. Sorry for the bad pic =( it was late.

The picture sucks, but I'm sure you lovelies have seen the true swatch of this one enough. I then stamped all different sized flowers from konad plate m57 in the special white and hot pink polish. Flowers are just inspiring and happy whether they are wild, delivered or sitting in the garden.

I topped it off with a few lilac Cina Nail Creations flowers and two coats of Seche Vite. What do you think of when you think of a nature-inspired mani?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


OK so if I thought Walgreen's was the devil, I was sorely mistaken! I haven't been to ULTA since this new obsession of mine has started and I'm thinking that is a very good thing. I made my first trip this past weekend (and didn't even have a valid coupon-what was I thinking?!) and it was a little out of control. I literally had to have the cashier remove multiple things because I couldn't swallow a $126 total - no way Jose.

Paint & Peel Dove, Essence Hang Loose and The World's Coolest, Orly It's Up to Blue and Essence Underwater

Let's be fair I did get some makeup items and did add a few dupes for my upcoming 100 follower giveaway but that bit the dust when I heard the bill. I left with a good polish haul along with a tinge of buyer's remorse.

ULTA Banana Rum in the Sun - I think it is a dupe for ChG Lemon Fizz but had to have it because of the name, Goddess, Diva, L.A. Splash Sparkling OceanSpray, Essie Turquoise & Caicos ULTA fast-drying drops and Essence nail gems.

I know as soon as I start slapping some paint on my fingers it will all go away, at least that's what I'm telling myself. Are you dangerous at ULTA because they have so many brands in one place?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lemon Fizz + Sparkle

I've had China Glaze Lemon Fizz in the closet for a few weeks from Sally's sale. I grabbed it for $1.99 - awesomeness! When my previous mani went awry I pulled this one out. I wanted something bright for summer (can't believe we're into August already yikes). Lemon Fizz is a bright pastel yellow cream. Application was tricky and it took three coats for a smooth finish.

It needed a little kick and I remembered I had the tiny Sally's no name mauve hexagon glitters in a clear base.

I gave it two coats of glitter and used one coat of Seche Vite to smooth it all out. I'm happy with how it turned out and definitely think it's an August worthy mani.