Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walgreens is the Devil

So I went to Walgreens the other day to get my Mother-In-Law a birthday card and some designer fake nails since she doesn't like painting her real ones when I ran into Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear display 2/$4. Of course I couldn't resist so I picked up Blue Me Away! and Lime Lights (which I mentioned HAS to be a dupe of the tiny sample bottles I found a week or so ago in the closet). I've also been wanting to do a watermelon mani because I've come across a few great photos - can't remember where now - and I'm inspired by all these summer fruit manis you ladies are so talented at. I knew I needed a striping brush which Sinful just so happened to have on display in white called Bad Chick. Gleaming in my peripheral vision was Sinful's gold glitter with flecks of red glitter in All About You.

I need to stop the hoarding of polish so I can actually start swatching them all! It's hard enough to resist polish displays, but when they're on sale come on now! Can you resist the sale displays for polish??


  1. haha this used to happen to me all the time! now i actually made rules for me so that i don't over-shop: it has to be on my wishlist and i can only pay cash. it's a tough life! but anyway, yours wasn't too bad a haul

  2. Quite simply 'no.' I got some of those 2/$4 as well.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you swatch some of your polishes. :)

  3. LOL. It never ends!! Get to swatching now :P
    You got some good stuff there.

  4. Tanya - that's a great rule except I am always cashless!

    Kimberly - it was impossible to resist right?!

    ShortAndSweet - I know I know I'm shameless =P! I'll do some this weekend and my Mom wants to try water marbling so that should be an interesting undertaking~

  5. I have the same gold polish!:D Sometimes I can control myself..;D.

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. I've become less impulsive over the past few months or well I *try* to be less impulsive. Sometimes I'll see a sale and I don't really see anything I want but I feel since it's on sale I need to find something! I finally told myself I don't HAVE to have it. However, if it's something I really want and it's on sale there is no stopping me!

  7. It's all in the power of the mind, do I REALLY need this? I'm one of those people that can put something down but if I go home and keep thinking about decide I do need it and get it, BUT I've been to the store 2-3 times the past week and have steered clear of the aisle or actually put them back - small victories!!! =)

  8. haha i'm cashless too -- that's why i can't splurge! but it gives you time to save and think about your purchase...or at least dream about it :P

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