Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Vixen + Color Club Haul

Good Morning! So I recently made my first purchase from 8ty8Beauty.com. Of course it had to include the newly released Vintage Vixen Collection. I was dropping some random China Glaze's into my cart when I realized I haven't ever owned a Color Club polish. I dropped the non Vintage Vixen Collection ChG's and went for the Color Club holos.

From left to right: Goin My Way?, Hey Doll, Riveter Rouge, Swing Baby, Classic Camel, Fashion Addict, Love 'Em Leave 'Em and Fashion Addict. Have you splurged on any Vintage Vixen colors? Ingrid is getting a lot of hype but I didn't include it in my order. Any thoughts on the Color Club holos? They look divine in the bottle. Can't wait to use these~!


  1. I just did a review on Color Club's Love 'Em/Leave 'Em yesterday. It's pretty, but really pops in the sun...of course.

  2. You got some lovely colors, i'm jealous! I've been lemming the CC holos for awhile now!

  3. Nice haul. I've never seen any of the Colour Club holos in action, I hope you will do some swatches :)

  4. I saw that Smoochie =)!

    Thanks Caitlin, 8ty8 was a steal, 8 bottles with shipping $31.50

    Cel, I've been drooling over them so very soon!