Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sinful Let's Talk

Soo this mani has a bit of a back story. Last night I planned on doing my entry for Polish Hoarder Disorder's "vampire" challenge. I did two coats of Sinful Let's Talk as a base since it's a rich royal purple with shimmer. I planned on doing some art with painter's tape so I wanted to let it dry really well first. Ended up going to dinner, one beer turned into four then a party at the neighbor's house. Needless to say my entry never made it in. I wanted to finish today using Sally's Xtreme In The Navy and some stamping. Guess what? NO painter's tape so I tried medical tape - total fail. I finally got so frustrated I did something completely different.

I still took a few photos, this color is gorgeous but the photos make it seem more blue than purple. First shot is inside with flash second is outside no sun. I used a bc and no tc. I'd like to use this again but I'm still mad at it for the entire process of this mani being so difficult!


  1. one beer turned into four, lol! This is kind of a cool color though!

  2. good luck on ur entry! O_O it does look blue than purple! why does the camera do tht? >.<

  3. This shade of blue would be so pretty for fall, my sister would die for this color!:D Thanks for sharing!:D

    Good luck on your entry/project!:D
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  4. It's always interesting when you try to do your nails after drinking. Once I did a bright orange then weird designs with yellow & the next day everyone was like WHAT'S ON YOUR HANDS??!!

  5. Aggie - True story ;) ~ I really do like the color it's super bright

    NoSugarAdded - I know it's so weird how it doesn't capture true to life colors sometimes

    Marie - Thanks the brewskies trumped the entry and the hangover prevailed =D

    Jeanelle - that's hilarious!

    ShortAndSweet - Thank you!