Sunday, July 25, 2010

A *POP* of Color

As soon as I was PHD's Challenge this week for a grayscale a water marble popped into my head. Not soon after I knew I wanted to use a hot pink. The only one in my collection is Sinful Colors Fusion Neon. I did a BC and then one coat of Sinful Snow Me White. I've been using the tiny dixie cups for my water marbling, and while they work well there's not a lot of design area to work with in the cup. I dug through the cupboard and found a Malibu Rum wide shot type plastic glass that worked soo much better! I used Savvy in Ebony Black, Sally Hansen Xtreme Nails in Gunmetal and Sinful Snow Me White for the marble.

This is by far the best water marble result I've gotten - hooray! I then decided to do a free hand chevron tip with the Fusion Neon.

There were some great entries, check them all out here.


  1. Cute mani! I have never marbled before but the more i see it the more i feel like i want to you marble a lot? How did it go the first time? Just curious :)

  2. Nice water marble. I'm too afraid to try it, I heard the clean up is extensive.

  3. Iris - this is my fourth try and I feel like I've finally got it down! I would check out My Simple Little Pleasures tutorial videos - she's in my blogroll, she's the master! I watched all of hers and gave it a go.

    Thanks Beata! Use scotch tape, after you peel it off, use Q-tips and a hard eyeliner brush to get rid of the excess. If you take more time to tape it's even less work!

  4. That looks incredible. Really retro!


  5. Your marbling is soooooo good!!! I love it with the pop of pink you added later too.

  6. Awesome marbling! I have yet to venture into marbling. I'm afraid :P. All these entries are making want to try it though.

  7. Very pretty! I like how you can see the marbling through the pink tips.

  8. Sammersaus - Thanks so much!

    ShortAndSweet - Aww thank you, I really like the color combo

    Stardust - It's worth a shot, even if it turns out "bad" it still looks cool =)

    Thank you Aggie!!

    Zara - I used two coats and got tired so I'm glad you like it as is ;)