Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mom's Water Marble

My Mom has become aware of my new polish obsession and was really curious about the water marbling technique. I tried to explain it to her but knew she'd either have to watch YouTube videos or just have me help her. She decided to have me help her do it. I went through her polish supply and it was pretty much red, maroon, brown or some slightly different shade of red, maroon and brown. I told her I'd pick up some Sinful Colors at Walgreen's that contrasted. I went with Courtney Orange, a burnt orange with gold fleck, Cream Pink, a bright pink slightly below a neon shade and a duo tone purple metallic called Let Me Go. The drops spread out OK, enough to get a decent design but they weren't really consistent. I had her do a BC then added one coat of the sheer Let Me Go so there weren't bald spots.

I then topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite (which she was very impressed with). It's kind of difficult to explain where and how to put the nail in the water to someone else but I say a good college try for our first time together. The index finger definitely came out the best. I started showing her various water marble and konad stamping tutorials and I think I've created a monster LOL. It seems polish addiction may be hereditary. Her cleanup was a little lacking but hey she's the one who has to look at them ;).


  1. Nice! I have never tried water marbling--the whole process seems kind of intimidating.

  2. I love water marbles! Great job, my mother won't een let me put a clear coat on her nails! =)

  3. that turned out so well!! great job! ;)

  4. Turned out nice. You may have created another addict. :)
    I've never tried that and like Zara said it looks intimidating.

    Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't remember who has entered.
    I'm having a new giveaway:

  5. Zara - it definitely an seem like it but hey imperfection is what makes it so fun and unique!

    Aggie - Thanks! Why not you're the expert? =)

    Thanks Katrina - that sheer purple did't turnout as well as I would have liked but there's always next time.

    Susie - Yes I may have! It really isn't as bad as it seems. I've got it down to about an hour process.

  6. I've been wanting to try marbling for a while now. One of these days I'm gonna have to attempt it.

    Yours came out really nice. You did a great job.

  7. ShortAndSweet - You just have to "dive" in ;) cheesy I know, sorry. When it turns out bright enough I get tons of compliments. I don't know if I trust Mom to try this on her own yet haha.