Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love = Sweet Nothings + Hidden Treasure

I'm so happy to have hit over 50 followers. Thank you all so much for reading and providing great tips and feedback! I've really wanted to swatch Nina Ultra Pro's Sweet Nothings. It's a beautifully opaque creamy lilac. It looks a bit more purple in the bottle. First shot is indirect sunlight.

Second shot is direct sunlight

It had a nice application with two coats there wasn't any VNL. I really like this color and how subtle it is against my skin tone. I would have been very happy with it by itself but figured I'd kick it up a level with my newly acquired Hidden Treasure. I cringed a bit when I finally bit the bullet and bought a bottle of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure. I mean if I'm part of the nail polish blogger world then there is something wrong if I don't own a bottle of this right? I purchased a bottle on ebay for $21 including shipping (ouch) but I just had to have it. First shot is in direct sunlight, obviously with the sparkle factor of the polish it's hard to capture.

Second is indirect sunlight

I don't regret it, from all the other posts I've seen using Hidden Treasure and how much it adds to simple polishes it definitely lives up to the hype. Do you have Hidden Treasure? How hard was it for you to get?


  1. I don't have Hidden Treasure yet...I am still looking, but I really don't want to pay $20 for one bottle of nail polish, so I'll probably end up getting Nubar 2010. I guess I'm just cheap. :)

  2. i love how hidden treasure goes with everything!

    for me hidden treasure wasn't to hard to find, although i am pretty sure that it was released sometime late last month for Canada, that was the first time i saw it and snatched it up :P

    I went in to shoppers (canadian drugstore chain) and they still had 1 left on display! I'm thinking there are more polish enthusiasts in the states than in canada... which is better for me :)

  3. So pretty and I love it even more with HT :)

  4. I like this shade for your skin tone, it kinda just 'blends in' but still stands out. A perfect match!:D
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  5. Ooh, you wore this pink! I so want to wear it soon, sooo pretty. You paid $21 for HT? (gulp). I felt weird paying $8.00 for it (I like to keep my obsession under $3.00 as much as possible). I found mine in a Walgreens and then saw it later at Rite Aid as well.

  6. Zara - I'm sure with some perserverance you can find it for regular price but I didn't really feel like scouring every drugstore in the city only to be disappointed

    Danielle - You're probably right ~ lucky you! I think it came out in April here which means any polish addict around here has probably snatched up all the bottles =(

    RMC - Thank you! Now I know what all the fuss is about

    Marie - Thank you! I'm still not sure if I'm cool or warm tone because I love so many different colors, but it doesn't necessarily mean it goes with my skin color :p

    ABOP I really do love this color! I know, I know horrible of me but I HAD to have coconut M&Ms last year and it was seriously weeks of searching. I figured I'd save the driving around this time after searching all my local favs and not seeing it. We don't have Rite Aid anymore so pretty much limited to Walgreen's which has a pretty depleted line of Complete Salon Manicure polishes to begin with. Def. my splurge for awhile.

  7. Very pretty!

    I was fortunate to be able to find several bottles of HT so swapped the extras with ladies who couldn't locate it. (Sorry I didn't know you were looking!)

    What I haven't found yet is those Wet n Wild tv named ones; I'm not even sure I want them, but I do want to at least see them. :)

  8. Karen - I should have reached out to the wonderful ladies of the polish network before I broke the bank with this one but nothing I can do now :(. I haven't heard of these Wet n' Wilds yet?

  9. Wow...your nailwarnish looks amazing. like it. ;-)

  10. Much appreciated Lily & Tom!