Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm in the MOOD

Yay it's the weekend! As soon as I heard Claire's had mood polish it was on my "have to have it" list. I only picked up the calm/wild (purple/pink) bottle .I wanted all my tips to be long enough to showcase the alternate color. There were a few bald spots but nothing three thick coats couldn't handle. I saw the tips changing right away and noticed the silver flecks all throughout the polish.

I liked the polish alone but wanted to play with konad and some purple nail art stickers I bought from Walgreen's. I used the Pastel Violet konad polish with plate m63. Then I bedazzled with Broadway Nails Fashion Diva stickers on my index fingers and thumbs. First shot is indoors with a flash second is outdoors with indirect sunlight.

I think it looks very elegant! Do you like mood polishes? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Haven't tried mood polish but yours came out cute!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Calm/wild is my favorite mood polish! I love your konad btw it's prettyy!

  3. very nice! I'm not into the mood polishes or myself, my nails are too short!

  4. wow, what a cool design!!! I've never tried mood polishes - they look so cool!!

  5. oooo! I just love the konad pattern! I havent got my hands on the mood polishes yet but I'm loving the green one! :D

  6. I haven't tried any mood polishes yet, but I want to. :)

  7. Marie - it's so fun to see it change temperature - have a nice weekend too~

    Jeanelle - I love the color combo of pink and purple, thanks!

    Aggie - The whole nail still changes throughout the day depending on what you're doing

    Thanks Brooke! I like the ones where the two colors are very different, Claire's only seems to have a few of those

    No Sugar Added - Thanks! It's like leaves or flames, first time I've used it

    Zara - I know there's more brands and I want to check them out!

  8. This looks so cute with Konad! I have this in my untrieds. I'm waiting (impatiently!) for my nails to grow out enough to show off the color change.

  9. awesome :) I have 2 bottles of this but still haven't tried it!

  10. I keep passing on the mood polishes but then I see pics and they make me want! LOL
    Love the konading and nail art you did ;)

  11. Kitty - I thought it was worth the wait!

    Danielle - Go for it! :)

    ShortAndSweet - Thanks so much! I read about two new brands that were supposed to do mood polish in July but haven't seen them out yet ~

  12. Of all the mood polishes from Claire's: calm/wild would be my favorite. For me there is such a sharp contrast between my free tip and nail I don't get much of a gradient look that some ladies have.

    Love the 'nadding!

    (note shameless promo-->I am giving away some Claire's MOOD polish