Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glitter Galore

Sorry to drop the toes on you all again but I couldn't resist! My girl Tara has been doing nails for 12 years now. When we met her and her husband for dinner the other night I couldn't take my eyes off of her sparkling toenails. There's no way it could have been nail polish. I asked, and it wasn't. It was pure glitter! I told her she had to get me in, those tootsies were irresistible. She used a dehydrator, then one coat of UV gel as a sticky base. She had about 20 different colors of glitter - I finally decided on a neon coral orange. It's perfect for the middle of July. She then sprinkled pure glitter over the wet UV and cured it in her lamp for a session. When done she put one more coat of UV gel and cured it so it was nice and smooth. It was so simple and I can't stop staring at my feet. This shot was inside with flash, imagine them outside in direct sunlight.

She said they should last about a month, I've already made another appt. because she had so many awesome glitter colors I couldn't have just one. What do you think? Would you get a pure glitter pedi?


  1. I love it!! I would have a hard time choosing colors too.. Wow. This is so much fun!

  2. Oh I absolutely would, your pedi looks amazing and super sparkly. Pure awesomeness!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm so excited with the end result ~

  4. I just had a pure glitter pedi- ChG Nova over ChG Millenium! I'll be doing a post about it sometime this week. Glitter + toes = awesome! I love the color combo!! :)

  5. I've seen these on people and I've seen them advertised around town here and they look so awesome, I was wearing Zoya Charla at a get together a month ago and someone there had glitter toes and asked me where I had mine done, it was funny!

    You picked a very nice color for the middle of summer!

  6. Amazing! I love the color of glitter that you chose :)

  7. I would definitely like to try!:D They look like gems!:D

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  8. Wow wow wow! That is beautiful. I love that color of glitter it's gorgeous!

  9. Ooh Reese I can't wait to see it

    Thanks Evil Angel & Marie ;)

    Aggie Charla is beautiful (although not in my stash yet)

    Thank you Marie ~!

    Polish Hoarder & Stardust it was between this color and a neon mint green so guess what I'm going with next time =D

    Polish Hoarder & Stardust I'm eyeing a neon mint green next =D

  10. Love that color! I would absolutely wear this! I wonder if any of the salons around here offer this...

  11. Wow, very sparkly! Be sure to let us know how the removal process goes; I wonder about that.

  12. Kitty - Even if they don't all you would have to do is take them some hobby glitter and ask. I'm sure someone has to!

    Thanks ABOP!

    KarenD - She mentioned she would drill lightly to get the top layer of UV off then file it down. I'll let you know ;)