Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally Friday! Sally's Haul~

Happy Friday girls! Anything special going on this weekend? I have to work tomorrow but am taking Monday off to make up for it and going to our huge water park in Denver. I had to stop by Sally's Beauty Supply to stock up for the challenges I'm participating in plus I had my July 15% off coupon that I couldn't wait to use!

From left to right, Orly Goth, Fifty-Four, Catch the Bouquet, Gumdrop and Nina Ultra Pro Silver Slippers

It seems most of Sally's nail art collection is from Cina. I've been scouring different locations and finding different stuff at each. The left is a collection of tiny sea animals and ocean stickers. I've also been needing cuticle cream and tried this Hoofer's Choice a $2.99 (it's stinky, do you have one that smells good?). The last two are awesome rhinestones but they didn't make enough for more than one nail on each hand. At $5.39 a pop I figured I'd better take it easy. I planned on grabbing ChG For Audrey but the Orly Gumdrop was on clearance for $3.99 and looked exactly like it in the bottle so I went with that. Catch the Bouquet was on clearance as well so I couldn't resist!


  1. You bought some nice stuff!:D Gumdrop looks unique!:D

    Happy Friday!:D
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  2. Sweet! I'm gonna check out another Sally's tonight, after my last sale haul there I want to see if another store has some hidden goodies also :)

  3. I love everything you bought, I think I might head to by sally's tonight to look for Orly Royal Navy :) my Sally's never has anything on sale though! :/

  4. Marie - I really like the color and when held up to my Tiffany's bag I think it matched!

    Danielle - There's one location in particular that seems to have way more unique stuff.

    Caitlin - I just happened to look at the little clearance rack and it was the last bottle of Gumdrop, they had Lemonade too but I had to pace myself =). Check a different location maybe?

  5. Your PHD challenge is so awesome this week!

  6. Thanks ShortAndSweet!

    Aww you're so sweet Aggie~look for a post on them later today =o)

  7. I was in Sally's today and saw Fifty-Four...I think they've changed the color, because the bottle in front was an orangey coral color, and the ones in back were pink like in your picture. They were all labeled Fifty-Four, though; I checked!

    Also, I love Sally Beauty Supply's clearance I got a China Glaze polish for $1!

  8. Zara, $1?! That's irresistible =)). They must have changed the color because the last time I picked up Love Each Other (purple micro glitter) the Fifty-Four wasn't there. What ChG did you get? I picked up Lemon Fizz for $1.99 yippy!