Saturday, July 17, 2010

Betsey Johnson Inspired Mani

Hi all, happy weekend! I'm at work today :( but at least get Monday off instead. Here is my entry for Polish Hoarder Disorders challenge. Everyone had to pick a Betsey Johnson dress as the inspiration for their manis. I was so excited because Betsey is just the ultimate in attention-getting designs. It was hard to choose because I could see in my head which ones were going to get used (and many of them were) and tried to steer clear of those. There ended up being two other girls that chose the same dress but they all turned out great.

The inspiration

The execution

I used a BC, three coats of Sally Hansen's NO CHIP 10 Day Nail Color in Lasting Lily with a Seche TC because I was impatient. Then I opened by Orly french tip guides to do the bottom part of my nail. I think the guides are good but my nails are so tiny and these were so large I had to try a few times to get the "rounded" part in the right place. I used Orly Gumdrop for the bottom and free-handed the gorgeous Nina Ultra Pro Silver Slipper tips. This polish is so packed with tiny silver glitter it was almost opaque with one coat. I didn't wait long enough for the polish to dry and it smudged when I pulled off the guides. A TC of Seche Vite smoothed it a bit but I can feel where I pulled them off. I've read some blogs that say to remove them wet. Do you use nail guides? If so do you remove them wet or dry? Overall these colors are so great together and I may use Betsey's site for more inspiration!


  1. That is so cute! You did a good job capturing that dress in your manicure :). I'm not a nail art expert so take my word with a grain a salt. I always remove the guides when the polish is dry otherwise I get smudges or the polish curls up or stretches out and messes up my design.

  2. Satrdust that's exactly what happened so I must have been too impatient~Thank you!! It was so hard to choose from all the great dresses.

  3. Oooooo The dress looks so pretty. So typical of Betsy and I love the mani! Looks sublime :) I have used nail guides and I always take a day to do it. I paint the base I want at night and I finish it up in the morning. It seems to work best that way. It's quite time consuming, but it has worked the best for me this way.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful! ^^

    PS What brand do you use? I use Skinfood.

  4. nice entry! :D there were so many dresses to choose from, it was a hard decision

  5. Cute! I didn't enter the contest because...well...I was lazy, but I think I may do a Betsey Johnson manicure soon just for fun.

    I've only used nail guides a couple of times, but I usually remove them when the polish is still wet. That's more because I'm impatient than anything else, though. :)

  6. Green Fairy - Thank you! That's a great idea for the guides.

    smALTY - It was fun to do thanks so much

    Aww you're so nice April

    Thank you ShortAndSweet

    theartofnails - I had to go through the gallery a couple of times :)

    Zara - I really like the challenges you should try one soon, yeah it's hard to sit there and wait forever!

  7. The dress and the mani are BOTH super cute!

  8. Thanks mucho KarenD & Jackie!

  9. This turned out super cute, love the idea!

  10. I appreciate it Charis, her website is full of inspiration~