Monday, June 28, 2010

Squirt of Lime

I couldn't resist trying out China Glaze's In the Lime Light. The color looks amazing in the bottle. I'm not sure if it was the fan that was blowing in my house right behind me while I was painting them but it didn't go on very smoothly. I kept adding coats because it was thin and I could see my nail line. After four I decided to leave it as it. Could have used five but I still don't think it would be completely opaque. First shot is indoors.

It's much more neon outdoors - this was indirect sunlight

I really like the color but I have a hard time with any polish that needs at least five?! coats.


  1. That's an awesome green! I don't have it, but I know it can be pain to do a ton of coats. I get a bit bothered when I have to do more than 3, but some colors are worth it.

  2. next time time 1 coat of opaque white, then 2 coats of the neon "lime"...3 coats are easier to work with than 5.

  3. Stephanie - it's a really fun summer color and yes I believe worth it but annoying when it takes that long!

    Great tip Beata, I know white helps water marble colors stand out didn't think to use it when doing a regular mani!

  4. Yeah, layering is fun. :) White will make it pop & nude will let it be itself.

  5. I love the colour! It looks awesome! And toxic :)

  6. Thanks KarenD! Didn't know that about nude.

    Definitely Green Fairy, like in a video game =)